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Aug. 18th, 2006

oh my! i wasn't able to update yesterday.. i had a bunch of responsibilities that i need to accomplish yesterday. anyhoo. finally, i finished my Ateneo Essay. Oh goodnes! i think being the topic of your essay is the most difficult thing to discuss. waah! by the way, it's the 18th of august and we're starting to take the lessons in 2nd quarter. Damn! i really need to make up for all the bad grades i had during the 1st quarter. Argh! God help me! uhhm.. Sophia's dad is in the hospital right now,, let us pray tha tito Larry will have a quick recovery from his operation. Let us all shre our prayers with Sophia's family. Anyway, thursday is a real exausting day. Waah! it was a real warm and humid day. We had regular sked during the morn and we had a talk regardin the CHA-CHA. I was tasked to watch over a part of juniors by keeping them shut. however, those girls were really disobedient!!! they would keep still for a minute but eventually, they can't do it and go on with their chit-chats.. Anyhoo.. i don't hate them.. its just that they really challenged me.. haha! I love my friends from 3rd year.. oh! a shout-out for Angela my kapatid, Lea my moby and Angel.. ahem im her idol.. haha. just kidding.. and many more! haha anyhoo.. it really late now.. i have to rest my eys coz.. its alread red now! ahhhh!! nytie.