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Aug. 18th, 2006

mai.. mai.. 

i don't know how to improve my LJ.. hmm.. can somebody help me?? this is the hardest thing for me! i don't know how to apply changes here.. improving the look of my LJ!

darn it!

anyhoo.. earlier. i went out with my beloved "tamagothchics". (oh i love 'em so much)  we planned to go to eastwood... unfortunately, rizzi wasn't allowed to go because she's leaving for her baguio retreat! (im excited for them.)  Rizzi, gelai and i had this small girl bonding in a salon.. Riz got her haircut and my beloved gelai (my sister, in faith and everything), we had oour hair treatement.. hmm.. hotoil.. nyaha. anyhoo. after that we decided to go to time zone and, as usually to sing our lungs out.. but the line was too long that's why we went to this studio and ssigned up for studio pic.  We never thought that Patrcia would make it today! well, we are really gald.. because after several months.. this is our first gimmick! she's currently studying in ateneo.. that's why she is really far from us.. it is really different when she not around.. furthermore.. we werent able to rent a videoke.. coz the line was really long that's why we decided to go home.. nyahaha! anyhoo.. im going to continue this.. tom! my eyes are really tired! waaah!

swear tom!


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Aug. 30th, 2006 03:39 pm (UTC)

si chupets jiro chinny to!!!

add me!!!!!!
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