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For the sake of One night of memoir.

    Today is a half day for Assumptionistas... that's why, my class decided to go to janiel's house for our dance practice. 
    Majority of us came.  I'm so glad that our presentation is almost free from errors.
~~WOW!~~ im super happy for FOURSOMEMORE (name of our class).. YEAH! ONE LAST FIGHT!.. hahaha.  I really had a great time today.. though i admit it was REAAAAALLLLYYY tiring! we danced from around 2:30 till 5:30.  all of us we're really into it.  The usual section 3 that you see in school.  Always fooling around, sharing laughter, and basically enjoying eachother's company.  Despite all the things that we've been through this week.  (the CRIMINAL *SLASH* STEALING issue.) All of us faced this last day of the week with full of energy and desire to make our Legacy concert a success.  Earlier, we had this so-called "LEAGACY UPDATE"... different committees showed us the progress and accomplishments of each committee. It's nice to hear that everything is fine but still,, we need to sell more tickets to have more money to donate to school for the construction of our SPORTS COMPLEX and the Statue of our SAINT MARIE EUGENIE..  ~~haha~~ im so excited.  back to our practice at janiel's house.. (more stories to come..)  we were suppose to ride with REdj going to Mcdo Marcos, but Laya, APril and I were surprised that it many would ride with her... plus.. A BIG SHOCKER!!! the driver brought a car not the regular band that she uses everyday.  goodthing, Pia was so kind and she allowed us to ride with her and drop us off  at sta.lucia.. haha... when we arrived there, we RUSHED to Mcdo Marcos.. passing through the bridge.., haha it was so fun coz it's my first time to pass there...

    so the second part of my story begins when, we rode Zairy's car.. WOW! finally.. RUSH is complete! Laya - vocals, Paco - vocals, Zairy - guitars, April - bass.. and yours truly.. on drums.. hehe.  C'mon support us on Feb. 10, 2007!!! yehey! back to the topic... we palnned to go to the studio in marikina to practice... unfortunately, there was a long reserved slots before us that's why we thought of going to APril's house so that we'll not waste time.
    THE NEXT JOURNEY was like this:  we rode a jeepney going to the "town proper" then rode a jeep again.. going to April's place.. this is so funny coz we passed again infron of the studio.. basically, we wasted money without knowing that jeepneys going to her house pass there... another thing... encounter that waaaasssss soooo tttttiiiiiiirrrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg... when we got off the jeep.. April didn't know that it will pass on the street that were suppose to go.. WWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! we walked like 10,000 kilometers... it was a real long walk!!!!! all of us were already catching our breaths... hahaha. The moment I APril's house gate!!! I really ran eagerly towards it.. coz I thought it was HEAVEn!!! "thank GOd finally!!! we reached our destination." so there, we went inside the house.. played with APril's cute doggy named patty... (rhyming!) the we ate dinner.  Then practiced our songs..

    our night ended.  hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.. coz we are going to have this big rehearsal day together with the other bands and the productions committee!!! waaaaahh!! im so nervous.. haven't practiced my instrument.. HELP me GOD!!!

TODAY...a very unexpected day... hehehe.

btw,, i uploaded the LEGACY AD of SENIORS on YOUTUBE!!!! watch it! just type: KALSADA NOBENTA!!

Aug. 18th, 2006

mai.. mai.. 

i don't know how to improve my LJ.. hmm.. can somebody help me?? this is the hardest thing for me! i don't know how to apply changes here.. improving the look of my LJ!

darn it!

anyhoo.. earlier. i went out with my beloved "tamagothchics". (oh i love 'em so much)  we planned to go to eastwood... unfortunately, rizzi wasn't allowed to go because she's leaving for her baguio retreat! (im excited for them.)  Rizzi, gelai and i had this small girl bonding in a salon.. Riz got her haircut and my beloved gelai (my sister, in faith and everything), we had oour hair treatement.. hmm.. hotoil.. nyaha. anyhoo. after that we decided to go to time zone and, as usually to sing our lungs out.. but the line was too long that's why we went to this studio and ssigned up for studio pic.  We never thought that Patrcia would make it today! well, we are really gald.. because after several months.. this is our first gimmick! she's currently studying in ateneo.. that's why she is really far from us.. it is really different when she not around.. furthermore.. we werent able to rent a videoke.. coz the line was really long that's why we decided to go home.. nyahaha! anyhoo.. im going to continue this.. tom! my eyes are really tired! waaah!

swear tom!

Aug. 18th, 2006

oh my! i wasn't able to update yesterday.. i had a bunch of responsibilities that i need to accomplish yesterday. anyhoo. finally, i finished my Ateneo Essay. Oh goodnes! i think being the topic of your essay is the most difficult thing to discuss. waah! by the way, it's the 18th of august and we're starting to take the lessons in 2nd quarter. Damn! i really need to make up for all the bad grades i had during the 1st quarter. Argh! God help me! uhhm.. Sophia's dad is in the hospital right now,, let us pray tha tito Larry will have a quick recovery from his operation. Let us all shre our prayers with Sophia's family. Anyway, thursday is a real exausting day. Waah! it was a real warm and humid day. We had regular sked during the morn and we had a talk regardin the CHA-CHA. I was tasked to watch over a part of juniors by keeping them shut. however, those girls were really disobedient!!! they would keep still for a minute but eventually, they can't do it and go on with their chit-chats.. Anyhoo.. i don't hate them.. its just that they really challenged me.. haha! I love my friends from 3rd year.. oh! a shout-out for Angela my kapatid, Lea my moby and Angel.. ahem im her idol.. haha. just kidding.. and many more! haha anyhoo.. it really late now.. i have to rest my eys coz.. its alread red now! ahhhh!! nytie.

Happy Assumption Feast Day!

Today, Assumption Community is celebrating the Feast Day of the Assumption of Mary.  This is the Day when the angels from heaven took Mary, her body and soul to the everlasting paradise of God.

We had a great mass early this morning around 8am.  The mass was sponsored by the juniors.. oh well, there was some mistakes that happened during the mass, like the responsorial psalm.  Although, the psalm was really nice itself.. however, the singing of the two junior made it a little awkward to hear.  Plus the "music ministry" of their batch was good but it was the tambourines' fault!  waah! both of the tambourines were off beat.. tsktsk.. too bad! But hey! why Blame now?? at least they tried their best! 

Moving on, after the mass, we had food sale! and the funds that will be raised will got to the Assumption scholars. what a great event! wating good variety of food and helping out at the same time.   After recess, we all went to the Assumpta Theater to watch "Ambon, Ulan, Baha".  Actually, I was expecting that it will focus more on the environment side but, the story was centered on the Love affair of two young hearts.  It was kinda funny..but what makes me giggle more is the way the performers delivered their lines.  ALot of them forgot their line and was already saying different name but the goof thing is they were able to cover up for their mistakes.  The girl named inday (in the play) was not a real good singer! i know every body will agree to me. ANyhoo.. i really don't want to talk about it.

After the play, we had this mini showcase of talents from diff. year levels, (in HS only).  I wasn't able to watch the entire thing because I went to the HS caf late and I got bored so sophie, sheepi and i decided to talked to our english teacher because I got a terrible score in my WC#1 and I have to revise it.

<wait i need a separate paragrah.. hehehe>  

waah! how can i explain the feeling that is entcing my whole being right now? i was totally surprised when I saw my "serious/slightly strict/witty" teacher,, dancing infront of her students?? with all those wiggling and fluttering of her hands and the those foot works that she did.. I was petrified that moment! how funny it was.. standing infront of your well-respected teacher then she danced with so much joy while teasing us.. By the way, she went outrageous when she saw sophie and i wearing our so-called "distracting jacket".  Miz m was really funny.. how i wish i was able to capture and freeze that moment.  SHE IS VERY FUNNY!  unfortunately, we have no proof that she danced that way.. but anyway! what is important.. sophie and i caught that moment and nothing will beat that!

by the way, just a detailed account of it.. Miz m gave me a terrible mark in my WC#1.. that's why I had to go to her and ask some questions about it.. the errors and her remarks as well.  After a long discussion, She teased our jacket again.. oh well, she told us that we have to face all the judgments of people about it.  She told us that we are seperated from others.. but that's not the point of our section.. anyhoo.. back to Miz m,  she called us a big group of circus people.. (haha) Because we look like performer in the circus.. ARGH! haha.. but it's ok.. at least we made her happy... haha just kiddin'..  This is when she started foolong around.. changing her voice.. into something not-so-miz-m and than dancing, waving her hands.. doing foolish steps.. haha pretending that she's doing a cartwheel.. everything was so crazy.. and until now.. i am still laughing!  HOW COOL SHE IS?! SHE's the best!  i wish she'll do it again.. nyahaha!

When we were about to leave.. i remember that there will be a big event on friday.. in UP wherein.. her fiance's band will perform.. i asked her if she's going to watch.. but she said no.. because.. she's tired of listening to the usual songs of Itchyworms! haha.. anyhoo.. i want to watch but i have a scheduled gimmick that night.. tsktsk..  (sayang! i really want to watch! syempre!.. hehehe)

--adios! swear.. more to come..--

Today is our last day for our First Quarterly Exams.. oh *shoot!* i'm very bad during this quarter.. i've been stressed out 7 days a week and bothered by so many confusions in life. This quarter was a bad start for me.. IM hoping that I'll be able to recover in the next quarters.. oh well! i must! coz if not.. ILL BE DEAD! im not going to graduate.. hey! i love HIGHSChOOL LIFE.. sooper! but c'mon! i don't want to stay here forever.. it's not nice.. all of my classmates are having fun in college and me?? stuck in HS?? nah! that should not happen.
anyhoo.. i have said.. this day is our last QT exam day.. and actually it began bad.. why?? our adviser saw us that we are not serious with our morning prayer that's why she went furious!!! she got mad again to us.. we were memorizing the prayer for the bonus in the test (unfortunately.. it wasnt in the test) but i agree some of us were not seriously praying,, they are just there memorizing word/word.. i guess "she's" right however.. what make me mad is how she judged us.. i hate people who judge me and my section.. because they do not know the hearts of my fellow classmates.. yeah! maybe some of us are not that prayerful or through their actions, but i believe that we all have kind heart that melts whenever Jesus touches it..
I'm just hoping that this will never happen again.. and our VP will be saved from any bad accusations that she is not doing her job.. i really feel sorry for what happen earlier. Surprisingly.. i never thought that someone would cry and reprimand us to go to mass.. wait,, it doesn't mean that i dont want to go to mass but it's like insulting me and my connection with GOD... God and i have a deep connection that nobody could describe.. that's why i was very hurt when she said that.. yes, sometimes i am very stubborn to go to mass because there are time that people are going stages of separation from GOD but it doesn't mean that im not into GOD.. ARGH! anyway.. what makes me feel good now is,, inspite of all this craziness.. i believe that i still have GOD beside me.. no matter how obedient of stubborn i may be..

comments?? regarding this one?? c'mon.. we all have our own opinions.. but for me.. nobody can step on what i have for GOd.. thats it.

new lj account

argh! i can't remember my password! and LJ is not helping me!!!

oh well.. start from scrath again.=(